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  do you create custom designs?
yes, we most certainly do. ferlanti is proud to offer custom design services for individually commissioned works. please contact us at for a price estimate.

how do I order a custom design?
please contact us at with your name, contact information (email, phone number, postal address) & design concept, to initiate the custom design process. please be sure to mention any preferred stones, metals, colors, styles, or any other elements you'd like to incorporate into the design. if the custom design is for a special event, please also provide the name/type & date of the event.

the designer & customer will discuss styles and materials until both entities mutually agree upon a final description that describes the custom jewelry piece(s). a custom sketch might be necessary to finalize the vision of your custom design; a $25 fee is assessed for the custom sketch, which is applied toward the purchase of your custom jewelry.

once the design concept has been mutually agreed upon & approved in writing by the customer, the designer will provide the customer with a written cost estimate of the customer-approved design. the customer must then give written approval of the cost estimate before any work can be started.

how long does it take to complete a custom design?
depending on the complexity of the design & availability of materials, most custom orders are usually completed within 3-5 weeks.

how do i pay for a custom order?
a 50% non-refundable deposit is required when you place your custom design order with us. the remaining balance is due upon final receipt of the completed order. custom orders will not be shipped until the balance has been paid in full. if the sale transaction is being conducted via the intranet, the remaining balance can be paid via paypal (i.e., please note that paypal payments should be sent to, & NOT or by contacting the designer directly (via email at, etc.) & making payment arrangements. you can also pay for custom designs at the designer's trunk shows & other events where the designer will be selling her work.

when do i need to place my custom order to ensure i get it by the december holiday season?
since it generally takes anywhere between three & five weeks for custom design & production (depending on the complexity of the design & availability of materials), plus 5-7 days for delivery by mail, it is strongly recommended that you place your order atleast 6 weeks in advance of the date you'd like to receive it; so please plan accordingly. for example, if you'd like to receive the item by or slightly before christmas, you should probably place your order no later than november 10th to ensure prompt delivery.

how available is the designer to take on my custom design project?
due to high demand, the designer is only able to take on a certain amount of custom orders each month. the closer to the winter holidays, the less likely the designer will be able to take on a custom order project. however, if you contact us well in advance of the date you'll need the custom order, there's a greater likelihood that we'll be able to take on your project.

what's the return policy for custom designs?
custom orders are non-returnable.
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